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Leadville’s Story of Marshal Martin Duggan


Leadville, in the late 1800’s was described as perhaps the

roughest and wildest mining town in the country... “A city made

up of roughly 30,000 residents, many of whom were thieves,

bunko artists, hold-up men and murderers, the likes of which few

have seen.”  It’s first marshal lasted three days before leaving

town when threatened by local thugs... it’s second marshal lasted

three weeks before being murdered by one of his own police officers...


It finally took a short, but stocky Irishman named Martin “Mart” Duggan... absolutely fearless by all accounts... to tame Leadville, or at least bring some level of law and order to its streets.  



                        Learn where Duggan came from and the challenges he faced during                          and after his law enforcement career in Leadville. Explore the details                          of his eventual murder outside Leadville’s famous Texas House in the                          wee hours of the morning in  1888.


                                                           -Approximately 90 minutes

Leadville's Story of Marshal Martin Duggan




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CAUTION!    In an effort to preserve historical accuracy, this video  contains some quotes that use adult language that might not be suitable for younger viewers.

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